Mac Services

We provide various services for your Mac computers quickly and efficiently!

Hard Drive Replacement / Installation

Whether your current hard drive is damaged and needs replaced or you are upgrading to a new one, we can install the drive for you and can copy the files from your old drive.

RAM Memory Upgrades

Random Access Memory (RAM) is the computers "working" memory.  Keeping enough RAM available can help run your programs smoothly and allow your system to react quicker.  After verifying your systems allowable RAM, we can perform an upgrade that can help boost speed and also allow the computer to communicate more efficiently.

Battery Replacements

If you are experiencing a noticeable decrease in the life of your battery during normal use, it may be time to replace it. 

Operating System Upgrades

If your Mac is compatible with a newer operating system, we can install it for you!  If you have purchased a new hard drive or have one that has been "wiped", we can install the operating system on that drive so you can use it with your computer.

Hard Drive Clones and Backups

Backing up your data can save you down the road!  We can backup your hard drive so all of your data is saved.  This also will copy over all of your essential Mac profile data, so if your computer crashes - it can be restored!

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