Website Design & Maintenance

Image 01LeissTech Computer Repair provides website design and maintenance as an available service. If you run a small or large business, or would like to make a personal or family page, we can help! Websites are one of the most basic ways to provide your business information to customers. Many businesses find themselves at a stand still because they either can't afford to pay someone to create a website, or they simply do not know how to do it themselves.

The website design and maintenance that LeissTech is able to provide frees up the associated time and excessive costs. Some of the programs that are utilized in creating these websites are: DreamWeaver CS3, PageBreeze, Visual Studio Web, and BlueGriffon. In addition, other software is available to create custom slideshows, movie implementation, or blogs and forms. Some of the code that is used includes HTML, HTML 5, CSS, JavaScript, and Flash! If you have an idea, we can make it work! Websites are created to be accessible for computers, tablets, and cell phones - making sure your customers have no problems viewing your content.

Since each website is different and every customer has a different idea in mind, a standard rate is not available. Prices for websites are based on the customers ideas and requests, and the time that is needed in order to complete them.

Select the Contact tab at the top of the page to learn more about website design and prices. A time can be setup to learn more about your design idea and turn it into a reality.



An Example



"Recipient of numerous Pyramid Awards and Parade of Homes Awards, Carricato Homes is recognized as the Central PA custom home builder of choice. Their 50-year tradition of excellence continues today with artfully crafted, state of the art, one-of-a-kind homes reflecting meticulous attention to detail and emphasis on quality over quantity."

Aside from the design of this website that you are on now, LeissTech Computer Repair, LLC was involved in the design and maintenance of the above website. This website features a Responsive template, mobile + tablet views, form submissions directed to specific email addresses, and more!

Website Design Features

Sleek Designs

A website design template that fits your personal or business needs is able to be obtained. Modern designs including responsive sites are also available to be worked with.

Required Time

Many people ask how long it takes to create a website. This can only be answered based on the type of website you are interested in creating, and how in depth that particular websites code is. To learn more, select the contact tab at the top and express what interests you may have so that further details on a website design build can be given to you.